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Former LI Bus Employees 13(c) case

The Nassau County Supreme Court granted Petitioners’ (former LI Bus employees) motion to compel Nassau County, Veolia, and the MTA (Respondents) to proceed to arbitration to arbitrate the former Long Island Bus employees’ 13(c) claims.   Decision to compel arbitration;  Notice of petition and Pet and exhibits final complete.    Respondents appealed the decision.

On September 13, 2016, the attorneys argued the appeal before the Second Department Appellate Division.   Now we are just waiting for a decision.   Once the Court upholds the Supreme Court’s decision compelling the Respondents to arbitrate the 13(c) claims, we will then proceed with the arbitration.

The matter will continue to be stayed pending the Second Department Appellate Division’s decision as the law provides that municipalities (Nassau County and MTA) are granted an automatic stay of any Supreme Court decision while an appeal is pending.

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