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An appeal needs to be handled by an appellate specialist.  As your appellate attorney, I review the record below and give a fresh perspective to the facts and legal issues to focus on.  I assemble and prepare the record on appeal, which assists me in becoming intimately familiar with the facts and arguments presented, and helps to defray printing expenses.

After conducting in-depth legal research, I develop a strategic legal approach to win your appeal.   As an appellate attorney, I am able to devote the time and focus, without distractions, to write and edit the appellate briefs.  Most trial attorneys are simply too busy to devote the focus and time required for successful brief-writing.

The skills and knowledge to bring and defend an appeal differs from appeals differ from those required in trial courts. An appeal is won or lost on the brief, and during oral argument.  My extensive appellate experience has shown me how to write a brief that will lead the judges and their clerks to a decision in your favor.  At oral argument, I am good on my feet and hone in on the winning arguments.

Entrust your appeal to an attorney who specializes in appeals.

Gail M. Blasie, Esq. P.C. is an Appellate and Litigation Attorney, Providing Individuals and Lawyers With The Legal Research and Writing Skills Necessary To Win Your Civil Appeals, Motions, Article 78 Proceedings, and Foreclosure Defense Proceedings in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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